Look Out for These Signs of Storm Damage | Deborah Gladney

Look Out for These Signs of Storm Damage

Do you know how to identify weather damage—in and around your home? It’s important to report damage as quickly as possible to your insurance company. Here’s what to look for after the next big storm:

  • Roof—hail, high winds, and falling tree limbs can all damage your roof. Look for missing shingles, holes, or dented/bruised shingles.
  • Windows—can easily crack, chip, or break from hail and flying debris, allowing rain to leak in.
  • Siding—all siding is vulnerable to damage from a big storm, whether it’s brick, metal, wood, or vinyl. Check for missing shingles, or shingles that are cracked/dented from hail.
  • Gutters—snow and ice can be tough on gutters, sometimes pulling them away from the house altogether. Also, look for clogs, splits, or dents after a major rainstorm.
  • A/C unit—check for dings, dents, cracks, or paint chips that indicate hail, ice, or debris damage.
  • Basement—don’t forget about the inside of your home! Check the basement for wet carpets or puddles—and look for water seeping in through cracks in the foundation walls. If you have a sump pump, be sure it’s not overloaded from heavy rainfall.
  • Walls and ceilings—rain can even penetrate through cracks in your siding, or windows that are not sealed properly, so check ceilings and walls for damp spots, especially near window jambs.
  • Yard—yes, even gardens, trees, and shrubs can sustain damage (particularly if high winds are involved). Look for downed branches, and steer clear of downed wires or power lines.

If you spot damage that is severe enough for an insurance claim, don’t wait. Many policies limit the time you have to file a claim, so call your insurance agent immediately.

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