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Purchase Real Estate for your IRA

Are you frustrated with the volatility and uncertainty of the financial markets? Would you like to diversify your investments? Do you want to take advantage of the depressed real estate market? Yes, yes, and yes.

You are not alone. Investors are increasingly buying real estate with IRA funds to satisfy those concerns and wants. Buying real estate with an IRA is easier than you might think! Simply transfer, or rollover, IRA funds to a custodian which allows the purchase of real estate within your IRA. There are some easy rules to follow but investors may basically purchase any kind of real estate.

Buy individually or with partners. Forming a limited liability company to buy real estate with IRA money is very popular. Investors are even allowed to leverage their real estate purchase with non-recourse financing which is readily available for IRA real estate acquisitions. Get this! When you sell the real estate, proceeds are placed in the IRA tax deferred, or completely tax free with a Roth IRA! Interested? Ask me, I did it.

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